What is your client focus?

From a focus standpoint, we’re here connecting with you because your incentives are tied to earnings growth, you buy a company and later sell it for more, and we can play a vital role in that. Typical Clients: Most of our clients are in some way or form in revolving around manufacturing, value added Read Insight

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What makes us different?

Proven cost reduction expertise Really what makes us different is that we have a proven cost reduction program that has been tested at hundreds of companies. This is a process that was developed at large companies like General Electric where our Managing Partners spent an extensive time of their careers at. Mentored by industry Read Insight

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How large of spend do we look for?

We’ve saved $1MM on $2MM of spend and we’ve saved $500K on $10MM of spend. It really depends on the category and where they’re buying it from.We consider ourselves dealmakers, similar to you, that’s how strategic sourcing works similar to how you’re buying and selling companies. It’s not a matter of day to day purchasing Read Insight

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How do you normally engage with companies?

Cost Savings: Forsyth typically identifies and quantifies cost reduction opportunities Engaged by over 70% of companies where we look for savings opportunities (10% not found, 20% opportunity doesn’t fit strategy) Supply Chain Issues: Often resolved in conjunction with cost savings project Standalone projects usually involve either emergency problem resolution or training company staff for Read Insight

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