Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications And Experience

Unlike most bulge bracket firms and independent sourcing experts, we specialize in middle market sourcing for private equity companies. We have the experience it takes to efficiently identify and implement unique solutions for each individual company and maximize results across your entire portfolio.

Why Forsyth

We’ve worked across hundreds of industries successfully and have experience with a wide range of sourcing practices. With an expansive sourcing toolkit, we approach every company as unique and can successfully drive results in any industry.

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Negotiation, supplier change, and commodity landscaping are typically things company buyers do infrequently, whereas we take on dozens of these projects per year. Because we have deep, repetitive sourcing experience we’re able to know what works and what doesn’t in various situations and are here to support your team with reliable sourcing strategies.

An additional benefit to working with us is that we’re removed by one degree from your sourcing relationships and are able to be more objective and persuasive in negotiations.

Proven Results

We work successfully with European and North American companies with global operations and sourcing relationships in South America, North America, US, Europe, Asia, China, and Southeast Asia. We also have extensive experience in moving a company’s sourcing from one region to another.

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Working With Forsyth Advisors

We typically have strong indications within 30 days, and concrete recommendations and negotiations within 60-90 days for work within the initial project scope.

For due diligence, we’re able to deliver results within 2-4 weeks.

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During the first 30 days, we require less than 10-15 hours of total company time for retrieving relevant sourcing data, management interviews, and regular status review meetings.

In the next 30 days, we’ll need an additional 10-15 hours of total company time. This is typically for clarifications and reviews.

After the first 60 days, total company time increases as product/supplier qualifications begin and as we transfer responsibilities to your company to prepare for project completion.

However, we’re flexible in the way we work. We occasionally work with companies that want to be more involved in the first 60 days to allow for the training and skills development of their team. At Forsyth, we’re more than happy to accommodate a more integrative project workflow.

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We work in small specialized teams to quickly and efficiently drive results for every company. Each team consists of one project manager in charge of understanding your needs, restrictions, goals, and keeping an open line of communication; one sourcing specialist, responsible for managing internal resources for the direct sourcing activities, such as supplier identification, and negotiations; supporting analysts and subject matter experts; and one partner who oversees the project.

Every team member works for Forsyth, has extensive experience in sourcing, and works on dozens of projects each year. We never pass any work along to 1099 employees.

Meet Our Team

We find that for most projects, an hourly rate keeps us more closely aligned with a company’s goals and objectives, and focuses us on the desired outcomes. However, we are willing to place percentages of our fee at risk on a contingent basis up to 100%.

Our Approach

We are flexible when it comes to implementation. We will identify a strategy and solution and are equipped to support with implementation, or hand it off to your team.

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