Industries We Serve

With our customized approach, we drive results across a variety of industries and manufacturing processes and are ready to help transform your portfolio company into an engine for profitable growth—regardless of product type or mix.

Niche Manufacturing

We recognize the special requirements of niche manufacturers and develop a tailored approach to solve sourcing challenges quickly and maximize profitable growth for every company we work with. Component manufacturers, OEMs, and contract manufacturers turn to our team to deliver cost reductions, mitigate supply risk, and beyond. Nearly any purchased component, sub-assembly, finished good, or contract manufactured product falls in our wheelhouse, as well as the logistics and other strategic services to support niche manufacturing companies.


Manufacturing processes for mission-critical parts, safety-critical products, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty equipment require a specialized approach to sourcing and supply chain optimization. We’re experienced in working with a broad range of equipment manufacturers, OEMs, and contract manufacturers within this category to maximize EBITDA and foster profitable growth.

Value-Added Distribution

Strong supplier relationships are especially critical to virtual manufacturers and value-added distributors. If your payment terms and supplier relationships are optimized, it could be putting your business at risk. We partner with value-added distributors to rethink long-term supplier relationships, remove excess costs, and reduce risk from concentrated relationships to unlock a new level of profitable growth.

Food, Beverage, & Nutraceutical

Private label and branded food, beverage, and nutraceutical manufacturers trust the Forsyth team to reduce costs and secure their supply relationships. With manufacturing knowledge, broad reach, and proven track record, we can help you source even the most obscure ingredients, packaging, or contract-produced products.

Consumer Products

We’re dedicated to helping CPG companies meet the increasingly stringent requirements of big box retailers and adapt to dynamic consumer expectations. Our experienced sourcing team is equipped to help you industrialize new products and solve your biggest supply chain challenges.

Business Services

The benefits of strategic sourcing reach beyond product-based businesses. Many service industries that have significant external spend on software, IT, marketing services, BPO, and other outsourced business services are often overspending or are at risk of business interruption if external partners fail to deliver. At Forsyth, we can help you achieve immediate cost and cash improvements while ensuring your suppliers measure and communicate their performance to demonstrate the value they provide.

Retail Products

Retail businesses inherently have a significant spend spread across multiple locations. Distribution costs, brand negotiations, and private label products all present opportunities for significant EBITDA improvements.

Transform your sourcing approach; transform your results.

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