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Consumer Products

Consumer Products


Consumer products companies cover a vast array of product categories and come in many shapes and sizes. Strategic decision-making is often made challenging by the complexity of these businesses, which can have multiple brands or divisions, target consumer groups, regions, distribution channels, and more. Consider the following market dynamics:

  • The marketplace is facing channel disruption on a dramatic scale, growing ecommerce penetration and the continued strengthening of Amazon, new and disruptive business models, demographic shifts and renewed spending priorities, highly informed and empowered consumers, and rapidly evolving technologies.
  • The changing channel landscape is forcing many consumer brands to restructure their go-to-market strategies to drive more productivity from fewer points of distribution, and to build direct-to-consumer strategies that require capabilities and expertise that don’t typically reside in-house today.
  • The role and influence of brands have also evolved. Today, consumers are increasingly looking for “specialty” brands that deliver on precise needs, and thus they grant brands less “permission” to expand beyond their core. The appeal of power brands has eroded, and the prevalence of private label and other value brand alternatives gives consumers many choices when they’re trading down, particularly in an hourglass economy. This makes it paramount for any branded consumer products company to take a hard look at its brand proposition and ensure it is sufficiently relevant and compelling.

Forsyth Advisors combines deep industry expertise, fact-based insights, and real-time analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and to build confidence among management teams so they can take informed strategic action. Consumer products companies partner with us to deliver strategies that drive growth, seize competitive advantage, unlock EBITDA and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based (not based on tradition or intuition), and we take extraordinary steps to involve management teams throughout the process to ensure full alignment.

How We Help

Consumer products companies, from small emerging brands to large global enterprises, engage us to:

Accelerate Growth

Our core focus is growth strategy, with a track record of guiding consumer products companies to prioritize the right growth vectors and align on how to activate the strategies necessary to realize tangible results. We can address this challenge by applying different lenses, and grounding strategic sourcing options in deep industry understanding to clearly define “permission” areas of highest strategic value.

Define The Best Strategy

We believe that strategy should be EBITDA-driven — it must be grounded in view of your core goals, your timeline, and stage in the ownership cycle. Positioning your company squarely against your exit criteria and in the right way. Deep analytics and years of expertise allow us to bring the right strategic framework and guidance to clients to focus their efforts appropriately and allow them to unlock superior value.

Define The Right Solution

We help clients navigate supply chain complexity by clearly defining the findings and related strategies for each segment. In doing so, we assist clients with many aspects of supply chain strategy, including growing profit productivity across points of distribution, restructuring supplier network in light of manufacturing synergies, refining distributor and sourcing strategies, building or recalibrating supply chains, defining holistic cost reduction strategies, and more.

Execute Value-Creating Initiatives

We support our clients at every stage of the deal life cycle — from diligence to growth planning. We have helped our consumer products clients execute hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, add-on acquisitions, and other partnerships.

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Examples of our work

$6.5M EBITDA Improvement + 30% YoY Growth For Personal Care Products Brand in 2023

A personal care products company had built a presence into the category, but had reached the limit of their unit capacity. Forsyth Advisors was enlisted to expand capacity and cut costs.

Our Leadership

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First Phase Cost Savings

100 Days Of Works + $100,000 Investment = $1,000,000 Execution-Ready Savings

Take the next step toward 10x ROI by scheduling a short consultation today. Our results are proven and worth a 15 minute conversation with one of our strategic sourcing advisors.

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