Our Approach

How Forsyth Advisors Helps Private Equity Owned Portfolio Companies

Our work, driven by research and data, identifies valuable opportunities to optimize and impact an organization’s complex value chains, increase preparedness, sustain annualized cost savings, and reveal potential supply chain risks.

We offer supply chain services with a strategic sourcing focus that help private equity owned portfolio companies stay ahead of the curve through massive cost savings. Our systematic and flexible framework and industry-agnostic approach address the specific challenges across sectors, including consumer goods, niche and industrial manufacturing, value-add distribution, and nutraceutical.

We use a comprehensive global supply chain optimization strategy that considers factors such as tariffs, benchmarks, rates (labor rates, freight, commodity prices, facility costs), cost drivers, and the global supply base to firmly understand your challenges and achieve quick wins during the first 100 Days of an engagement.

That first phase of engagement gives us the opportunity to deliver significant savings during strategy development and proposing a solution based on size, scale, growth expectations, and target requirements. In many cases, Forsyth Advisors executes and implements the solution recommendation to generate exceptional ROIs and cost reductions while building a supply chain that is protected from disruption risks.
Our business analysts and strategic sourcing experts can assess risks and opportunities using a range of critical factors (quality, compliance, country / region, and tax), which are an often underestimated source of significant savings.

We help private equity improve portfolio performance from Quality of Earnings (QofE) defensible EBITDA growth to validating critical assumptions, leading to exceptional value creation and better results.

Private Equity Impact Framework

Our approach is precise. It is systematic, and flexible. It drives immediate results, builds on our success together, and optimizes portfolio companies for big picture pre-exit states.



Niche manufacturing, consumer products, and value added distribution companies frequently engage Forsyth to support their known supply chain initiatives, identify new sourcing opportunities, or develop manufacturing partners for new products. Many times we can fund our engagements with the value we create.



We don’t sell ideas, we provide solutions. Every aspect of our engagement is led by an operations executive with real world manufacturing and supply chain experience. Our senior level staff collaborates with management and works directly with the front lines to improve your supply chain and deliver sustainable value. We don’t employ career consultants and we don’t deploy dozens of analysts to camp out at your company.



Sustaining the value we deliver requires maintaining the supply chain we help establish. Our interests are 100% aligned with yours, so we support your initiatives long after a project is “completed”. We stand behind our work and make sure that the supply chain solutions we establish are truly effective for your needs.



We offer several pricing options to align ourselves with your goals:

  • Fully-contingent on earnings improvements as realized
  • Semi-contingent (fixed + variable based on earnings improvement)
  • Fixed scope / Fixed fee / Monthly retainer options

In all cases, our compensation term is finite so our fees don’t impact company valuation during divestiture.

“Our portfolio company was hesitant to utilize Forsyth when we first engaged. This resistance has been overcome by a combination of patience, dealing with solid data, and constant communication. The confidence of our CEO and his staff has been won by quickly responding to any issues which arose and demonstrating a depth of knowledge of component sourcing from low cost countries.”