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Unmatched EBITDA Improvements

We improve portfolio performance for private equity. From Quality of Earnings (QofE) defensible EBITDA growth and validating critical assumptions to exceptional value creation, our results are seconded to none since 2011.

Our work, driven by research and data, identifies valuable opportunities to optimize and impact an organization’s complex value chains, increase preparedness, sustain annualized cost savings, and reveal potential supply chain risks.

We offer supply chain services with a strategic sourcing focus that help private equity owned portfolio companies stay ahead of the curve through massive cost savings. Our systematic and flexible framework and industry-agnostic approach address the specific challenges across sectors, including consumer goods, niche and industrial manufacturing, value-add distribution, and nutraceutical.

Our team uses a comprehensive global supply chain optimization strategy that considers factors such as tariffs, benchmarks, rates (labor rates, freight, commodity prices, facility costs), cost drivers, and the global supply base to firmly understand your challenges and achieve quick wins during the first 100 Days of an engagement.

That first phase of engagement gives us the opportunity to deliver significant savings during strategy development and proposing a solution based on size, scale, growth expectations, and target requirements. In many cases, Forsyth Advisors executes and implements the solution recommendation to generate exceptional ROIs and cost reductions while building a supply chain that is protected from disruption risks.

Our business analysts and strategic sourcing experts can assess risks and opportunities using a range of critical factors (quality, compliance, country / region, and tax), which are an often underestimated source of significant savings.

We provide the analysis, the execution, and the results

For more than 12 years, Forsyth Advisors has helped private equity firms around the world realize Qualify of Earnings (QofE) defensible EBITDA with cost reductions, operations efficiencies, and risk mitigation.

We partner with private equity firms, portfolio companies, and exceptional management teams to achieve truly future-defining value and investment growth throughout the full-ownership lifecycle.

Tackling situations when time is of the essence is part of our core values – we adopt an agile approach at all times. It is systematic, flexible, and drives immediate within the first 100 days and optimizes portfolio companies for big picture pre-exit states. Unlike other consultation and advisor firms, Forsyth Advisors moves seamlessly from analysis and strategy development to solution execution and implementation. We stand by our partners and only measure our success in terms of the results we deliver.

Our work is driven by real-time data and facts, not intuition or tradition, to deliver both quick wins and long-term results across all investments – without relying on category expertise, RFPs, or pre-existing relationships with suppliers.

We transform supply chains into engines of profitable growth with measurable and lasting improvements to ROI, quality, delivery, cost savings, and cash. During our first 100 days of engagement, we typically produce $1M+ of savings for around $100k client fee. Our game-changing strategic sourcing and procurement services have helped more than 400 private equity owned portfolio companies realize unparalleled, QofE defensible EBITDA margins.

Private Equity Consultants

Maximizing value creation with unmatched expertise for the full-ownership lifecycle

Cost Reductions

Our depth of global supply chain expertise and data-driven approach has played a pivotal role in saving hundreds of millions for private equity owned portfolio companies since 2011. When our private equity consultants say “sustainable value,” they know it means annualized cost savings that contribute to QofE defensible EBITDA.

Risk Mitigation

Creating sustainable value for private equity investment is our number one goal. A big part of that is building supply chains that are protected from disruption, avoid tariffs, and securing capacity for scalable growth.

Strategic Growth Initiatives

Revenue growth and organizational improvement are at the core of what we do, and how we measure our success. Our private equity consultants hone in on freeing up cash improvements and generating QofE defensible EBITDA for pre-exit states.


Our private equity consultants conduct Buyer Strategy Diligence to answer critical questions, identify risk, confirm or disprove concerns, and fool-proof Post Letter of Intent (LOI) decision making.

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