Cash flow

Cash flow issues indicate that your payment terms aren’t aligned with your business. Getting your suppliers on board with new terms sets a critical foundation for your company to sustain profitable growth.

Uncertainty about where supplier relationships stand

Where do you stand in your supply chain today? This is the first question we work to answer with our customers. And the truth is most companies have at least one supplier slowing them down. With a hands-on approach, we work closely with companies to optimize those relationships and fuel profitable growth.

Supplier concentration

When a large portion of business relies on a small number of suppliers or a specific geographic region, it poses a significant risk to a company. Before acquisition, we conduct a thorough competitive analysis, assess the risks and mitigation required, and create a transition timeline and strategy for diversifying suppliers to help drive intelligent, data-driven investment decisions.

Scalability concerns

Will a prospective portfolio company be able to support rapid growth after acquisition? What action would you need to take to prepare the company for profitable growth? We can provide an in-depth analysis of current operations to give you a complete picture of what will be required to maximize EBITDA after investment. 

Hidden competition

Are there hidden industry players that could threaten your business’s future? This is always a concern when purchasing a company, especially when it’s in a category that you’re unfamiliar with. Our team specializes in predictive supply chain analysis in consumer packaged goods and can provide a comprehensive report to inform your decision to acquire a company.

Transform your sourcing approach; transform your results.

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