Maximize Profitability with Section 321 Fulfillment

Are import tariffs and duties impacting your bottom line? Reduce or completely avoid costly US import tax with Section 321 fulfillment.

Learn how Forsyth Advisors can help you cut costs and free up cash flow for US shipments from Canada and/or Mexico.

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Maximize Profitability with Section 321 Fulfillment

Are import fees impacting your bottom line? Avoid costly US import duty and tariff costs with Section 321 fulfillment.

Learn how Forsyth Advisors can help you cut costs and free up cash-flows for US shipments from Canada and/or Mexico.

Ship Inventory to the US from Canada and Mexico

Maximize EBITDA impact and keep tariff costs down by importing your inventory into Canada and/or Mexico with experts in navigating Section 321 at your side.

Our strategic sourcing teams will facilitate the process of sending freight and routing shipments to Section 321-compliant warehouses that offer the greatest value advantage for your company.

Cost Savings

Save on importing costs when shipping products with a retail value less than or equal to USD $800 to the US. If you’re sourcing manufacturing goods overseas that are subject to high import fees, Forsyth Advisors can help you eliminate costly duty fees for eligible orders and improve your bottom line.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Speed up the cross-border shipping process. Unlike other firms, we help our clients develop and implement a solution to import products to US customers with fast, seamless delivery.

Quick wins in 100 Days

In just a few weeks, you’ll have clarity into the opportunities, benefit range, implementation road-map, and business case for your Section 321 fulfillment.

Benefits & Track Record



Improve import costs, preparation, and growth



delivered in 100 days, not years

$5M – $1B


From startups to middle market companies

20+ Years

Private Equity Experience

$6+ Billion

In value creation delivered


Unique 100% fee-based guarantee

Section 321 from Canada to the US

Fulfill Section 321 orders to US consumers from any of Section 321-compliant warehouse locations in Canada.

Canadian warehouses that are non-bonded, which means paying Canadian duties upon entry into Canada and allowing the ability to file a duty drawback to recoup costs.

In addition to 321 fulfillment, you can ship orders to consumers within Canada and internationally.

Section 321 from Mexico to the US

Mexico location is dedicated to fulfilling Section 321-compliant orders to consumers in the US.

Utilizing bonded warehouses means you never pay duties or taxes to bring inventory into Mexico.

Plus, strategically selected in proximity to any nearshore facility so you can easily and cost-effectively import your products for outsourced operations.

What our clients say

“One of our portfolio companies needed more control over its international supply chain. The team at Forsyth Advisors found reliable suppliers that enabled greater control over the supply chain, increased inventory turns, provided a roadmap to reducing China concentration and delivered aggressive cost savings. Forsyth’s navigating complex global supply chains enhanced the company’s operations and created tremendous value.”​

Managing Partner
Private Equity Firm

“Forsyth Advisors was our key partner in developing our comprehensive supply chain strategy, leading the search and evaluation process and project managing the tactical levels of the scale up to make us successful. The agile and passionate team made our business their own and lead our transformation that delivered against our cost, quality and volume expectations in record time.”​

Michael M.
Portfolio Company

“The buy strategies level of our buyer team wasn’t necessarily as standard as Forsyth’s. So, we needed help and were coached on industry standards, best practices, things like that, and got that guidance. They did a lot of good work with that. At that time our problems were also not having the bandwidth, we didn’t have the resources, and things were still moving at full speed. Forsyth’s project team was able to sort of come in, plug into certain areas, and just provide some additional capacity for our buying team with minimal guidance. I mean, Forsyth is good.”​

Procurement Director
Portfolio Company

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