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Trends, Global Disruptions, and Evolution in Nutraceuticals

Week of July 15th at 1 pm CT


Week of July 15th at 1 pm CT

Join advisors and professionals from the nutraceutical sector to discuss post pandemic-era trends, global supply chain disruptions, inflationary challenges, and outlooks beyond 2024.

John Shanahan

Sr. Project Manager
Forsyth Advisors

Ryan Slamon

Director of Sales
Freemen Nutra Group

Cale Gardenhire

Director of Operations

Jacob Fishback

VP of Business Development
WB Blends

The continuous evolution of the nutraceutical market has impacted the way businesses are adapting to price fluctuations and grappling with larger obstacles that impede sustainable growth. This webinar brings together a distinguished group of professionals from the nutraceutical sector to explore the shifts and challenges reshaping nutraceuticals in the post-pandemic era.

Our expert panelists will delve into the latest trends emerging in the nutraceutical market, examining how consumer behaviors and product demand have evolved with market trajectory. They will also analyze the affects felt from major supply chain disruptions triggered by inflation, ongoing global conflicts, and the steps they’ve taken to maintain profitability and sustain growth.

Whether you’re a private equity sponsor or industry professional, this webinar is a must-attend event for gaining a deeper understanding of the current and future prospects in the nutraceutical industry.

Key Topics:

  • Post-pandemic trends in the nutraceutical industry
  • Supply chain disruptions and insights
  • Market evolution and inflationary challenges

Date & Time: Week of July 15th at 1 pm CT
Duration: 45 minutes
Format: Panel Discussion followed by live Q&A

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